Introducing a New ChatGPT Side Hustle to Make Money Online in 2023

Hey there! Are you looking for a new side hustle to make money online in 2023? Well, look no further because I’ve got some exciting news for you. Wisdom Speaks has just released a captivating video introducing a new chatGPT side hustle that has the potential to earn you a full-time income online. The video not only outlines the steps to get started, but it also provides free tools and resources to support you in your journey. Plus, it mentions other videos on making money on platforms like Amazon and YouTube. The goal of Wisdom Speaks’ YouTube channel is to help viewers reach their financial goals and unleash their highest potential. You can even reach out to the video’s creator via email for more information. Just keep in mind that some of the links mentioned in the video are affiliate links, which means the creator might earn a commission if you make a purchase. So, if you’re interested in making money online using the AI bot chat GPT and affiliate marketing, keep reading for a quick overview of the steps involved.

Creating an Account on Kitall

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Step 1: Sign up for an account on Kitall

To start this exciting journey of making money online with ChatGPT, the first step is to create an account on Kitall. Kitall is a powerful graphic design tool that will assist us in monetizing our skills and creativity. Head over to and sign up for a free account. It’s a quick and simple process that will only take a couple of minutes. Once you’re signed in, you’ll have access to a wide range of pre-made templates that you can customize and use to create stunning graphics. The best part is, you don’t need to be a professional designer to use this platform. Kitall’s integration of AI technology makes it easy for anyone to create eye-catching visuals without any prior experience. So go ahead and create your account to take the first step towards earning a full-time income online.

Using ChatGPT to Generate a List of Top 10 Books

Step 2: Access ChatGPT platform

The next step in this side hustle is to access the ChatGPT platform. ChatGPT is a powerful AI bot developed by OpenAI that you can use to generate a list of top 10 books in a specific niche. Simply visit and you’ll be greeted by a chatbot interface.

Step 3: Enter a specific niche

Once you’re on the ChatGPT platform, it’s time to enter a specific niche for which you want to generate a list of top 10 books. This could be anything from business, romance, self-help, finance, fitness, or any other topic you’re interested in or passionate about. For the purpose of this tutorial, let’s say we choose the business and finance niche.

Step 4: Generate a list of top 10 books

Now comes the exciting part! You’ll interact with the ChatGPT chatbot and ask it to generate a list of top 10 books within your chosen niche. Engage in a conversation with the AI, providing prompts and getting recommendations. Based on your conversation and inputs, the AI will generate a comprehensive list of the top 10 books recommended for your chosen niche. Take note of these titles as we’ll be using them later in the process.

Paraphrasing Book Summaries with Coolbot

Step 5: Use Coolbot for article rewriting

Now that we have our list of top 10 books, it’s time to create engaging and original content around them. To do this, we’ll be using Coolbot, an article rewriter tool. Coolbot takes the book summaries generated by ChatGPT and paraphrases them, ensuring that the content we create is unique, fresh, and not recognized as AI-generated. This will help us stand out in the crowded online space and attract more readers. is a great website that offers this service. Simply visit their website and follow the instructions to input the book summaries provided by ChatGPT. Coolbot will then use advanced algorithms to rewrite the content and give it a unique twist. This way, you can create captivating articles that provide valuable insights into each book while maintaining originality.

Adding Images with Kitall’s AI Image Generator

Introducing a New ChatGPT Side Hustle to Make Money Online in 2023

Check out the Introducing a New ChatGPT Side Hustle to Make Money Online in 2023 here.

Step 6: Utilize Kitall’s AI image generator for visual enhancements

To make your articles more visually appealing and engaging, we can rely on Kitall’s AI image generator. Remember the account you created on Kitall? Well, now it’s time to put it to good use. Kitall’s AI image generator allows you to create stunning visuals and graphics that complement your articles perfectly.

As you write your articles based on the paraphrased book summaries, you can select relevant images, icons, or illustrations from Kitall’s vast library. These images will not only enhance the overall aesthetic of your articles but also serve as visual representations of the books you’re discussing. Kitall’s AI image generator is a powerful tool that will make your content more engaging and help you stand out from the crowd.

Publishing the Article on Medium

Step 7: Create a Medium account

Now that we have our engaging and visually enhanced articles ready, it’s time to publish them and reach a wider audience. Medium is a popular platform for writers and readers alike, making it an ideal place to showcase your work. If you don’t already have a Medium account, creating one is simple. Visit and sign up for a free account. Once you’re signed in, you can start publishing your articles and gain exposure within the Medium community.

Step 8: Write and publish the article on Medium

With your Medium account in hand, it’s time to write and publish your article. Use the paraphrased book summaries from Coolbot as the basis for each article. Dive deep into the content, providing insights, personal opinions, and recommendations for each book. Make your articles engaging and informative, catering to your target audience in the chosen niche.

Once you’re satisfied with your article, format it nicely and add the visuals you created using Kitall’s AI image generator. Proofread your work for any errors or typos, ensuring that it’s polished and ready for publication. Finally, hit the publish button and share your articles with the Medium community.

Including Affiliate Links to Audible Books

Step 9: Sign up for the Audible affiliate program

To monetize your articles and generate income, we’ll be including affiliate links to the books discussed in your articles. Audible, a popular audiobook platform, has an affiliate program that allows you to earn a commission for each person who signs up for a free trial or purchases a subscription through your affiliate links.

To get started, sign up for the Audible affiliate program. Visit their website and look for the affiliate program section. Follow the instructions to create an account and become an Audible affiliate. Once approved, you’ll have access to unique affiliate links that you can include in your articles.

Step 10: Insert affiliate links to the books in the article

Now that you have your affiliate links from the Audible affiliate program, it’s time to strategically insert them into your articles. Identify the relevant places within your articles where you can mention the books and include the affiliate links. Make sure to use anchor text or catchy call-to-action phrases that encourage readers to click on the links.

By including these affiliate links, you create a win-win situation. Readers who are interested in the books can easily access them through your links and, if they sign up or make a purchase, you earn a commission. This is a great way to monetize your articles and convert your readers into potential customers.

Driving Traffic and Earning Money

Step 11: Promote the article on various platforms

Now that your article is published on Medium with affiliate links, it’s time to drive traffic to your content. Promote your articles on various platforms, such as social media, forums, or relevant communities. Share snippets or teasers of your articles with captivating headlines to pique curiosity and attract readers. Engage with your audience and encourage them to share your content.

Step 12: Earn money from people signing up or purchasing subscriptions through the affiliate links

As people read your articles and click on the affiliate links, you have the potential to earn money. When someone signs up for a free trial or purchases a subscription to Audible through your affiliate links, you receive a commission. The more readers you attract and engage, the higher your chances of earning a substantial income from this side hustle.

Repeating the Process for Increased Earnings

Step 13: Repeat the process with multiple book summaries

Don’t stop at just one article! To maximize your earnings, repeat the process with multiple book summaries. Explore different niches, generate more lists of top 10 books, paraphrase the summaries using Coolbot, create visually enhanced articles with Kitall’s AI image generator, and publish them on Medium with affiliate links.

By diversifying your content, you can attract a wider audience and cater to different interests. This will increase your chances of driving more traffic to your articles and earning more money through affiliate commissions. By repeating the process, you can scale up your side hustle and potentially turn it into a full-time income stream.


Congratulations! You now have a step-by-step guide on how to create an account on Kitall, use ChatGPT to generate a list of top 10 books, paraphrase book summaries with Coolbot, add visuals using Kitall’s AI image generator, publish articles on Medium with affiliate links to Audible, and drive traffic to earn money. Remember, consistency, engagement, and promotion are key factors in the success of this side hustle. So, keep creating valuable content, interact with your audience, and watch your earnings grow. Best of luck on your journey to making money online in 2023!

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