Automated Voiceovers: Creating Professional YouTube Videos with AI

The video you’re about to watch is all about starting a YouTube channel using artificial intelligence (AI) to make money. It’s a valuable resource if you’re looking for a lucrative side hustle or even considering YouTube as a full-time job. The content covers a range of topics, including getting up to $36,000 in free stocks, access to free courses and money-making resources, as well as tips on creating engaging videos. Just keep in mind that this video is for entertainment purposes only, and the information shared may change in the future due to affiliate commission or referral links. Nonetheless, it provides useful insights on generating income from a YouTube channel through AI automation for video production. From using AI tools like Chat GBT and Google’s Bard for scriptwriting and research to leveraging in-video editing with AI capabilities for voiceovers, you’ll learn how automation can streamline the entire video-making process and help you create a consistent and lucrative YouTube channel.

Automated Voiceovers: Creating Professional YouTube Videos with AI

Automated Voiceovers: Creating Professional YouTube Videos with AI

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Starting a YouTube channel with AI for money-making purposes has become increasingly popular. With the right tools and strategies, you can turn your YouTube channel into a lucrative side hustle or even replace your full-time job entirely. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using AI automation in YouTube video production and provide step-by-step guidance on how to create professional YouTube videos using AI technology. However, it’s important to note that the content provided is for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. Additionally, the links provided may contain affiliate commission or referrals, and the accuracy of the information in this video may change in the future.

Step 1: Generating YouTube Channel Ideas with Chat GBT

To begin, we will use an AI tool called Chat GBT to generate a list of YouTube channel ideas. Chat GBT is a powerful AI tool that can generate creative ideas based on your preferences. By asking Chat GBT to give us a big list of YouTube channel ideas, we can quickly come up with potential concepts. Among the various ideas generated, review videos have proven to be highly successful in terms of monetization potential. Many channels follow a similar format, featuring faceless videos that showcase images of the products being reviewed. These types of videos lend themselves perfectly to AI automation, as every aspect, including the voice in the videos, can be automated.

Step 2: Creating a YouTube Account and Designing a Channel

The next step is to create a YouTube account, which can be done easily by visiting Once you have created your account, you need to choose a channel name that best reflects the theme of your content. To come up with a catchy and suitable channel name, you can use Chat GBT to generate a list of YouTube channel name ideas specifically for a product review channel. After finalizing your channel name, it’s time to design your channel’s profile picture and banner. With the help of AI-generated images from platforms like Mid-Journey, you can create a professional and eye-catching profile picture and banner that aligns with your channel’s focus.

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Step 3: Using AI Tools for Scriptwriting and Research

Creating informative and engaging videos requires well-written scripts and thorough research. AI tools like Chat GBT and Google’s Bard can assist in these areas. Chat GBT can provide you with a list of the most popular consumer products, ensuring that you focus your content on products that have high market demand. Google’s Bard, on the other hand, assists with research by providing insights into the top products in a given category. By combining these tools, you can request Chat GBT to generate a 500-word script about each chosen product and its features. Longer videos tend to perform better with the YouTube algorithm, so a 10-minute video script, which equates to approximately 2500 words, is ideal.

Step 4: Creating Voiceovers with Automated Text-to-Speech Technology

Next, it’s time to create voiceovers for your videos. In-video is an online video editor with powerful AI capabilities that can help you accomplish this task seamlessly. Within In-video, you can utilize the text-to-speech feature, which allows you to input your script and convert it into a realistic-sounding voiceover. The software offers various voice options, such as Jack or Sophie, that can bring your script to life. By selecting the voiceover option and choosing the automated text-to-speech feature, you can generate a high-quality voiceover in a matter of minutes. It’s important to consider factors like tone, pacing, and pronunciation to achieve professional-sounding voiceovers.

Step 5: Sourcing Visuals and Music for Videos

Visually appealing content is crucial for engaging your audience. To source visuals for your videos, you can find images and videos online related to the products you are reviewing. Take advantage of search engines like Google or platforms like YouTube to find suitable images and clips. However, it’s important to avoid copyright claims by using panning motions for the images and keeping video clips short (around six seconds). Additionally, incorporating background music into your videos can enhance the viewing experience. Platforms like Nvidia offer built-in music options, or you can use AI music-generating platforms like Strove to find suitable background music that complements your content.

Step 6: Adding Affiliate Links for Monetization

Monetizing your YouTube channel can be achieved through affiliate marketing. Affiliate links allow you to earn commissions from purchases made through those links. To monetize your videos, it’s important to identify relevant products that align with your content and audience. By adding affiliate links to your video descriptions, you can earn passive income when viewers make a purchase through those links. It’s crucial to disclose your use of affiliate links to maintain transparency with your audience. Additionally, employing effective strategies, such as showcasing the benefits of the products or offering exclusive discounts, can increase the likelihood of viewers clicking on your affiliate links.

Step 7: Testing the Strategy with Daily Product Review Videos

To evaluate the effectiveness of your AI-driven YouTube strategy, consider creating and uploading daily product review videos for a specific period, such as 30 days. By consistently producing content, you can test the monetization potential and track the performance of your videos. Keep a close eye on metrics such as views, engagement, and earnings generated through affiliate links. Continuously analyze the results and make necessary adjustments to optimize your content. This testing period will provide valuable insights into the viability and profitability of your AI-driven YouTube channel.


Using AI automation for YouTube video production offers numerous benefits, such as saving time, creating professional-quality content, and increasing monetization potential. By leveraging AI tools like Chat GBT, Google’s Bard, and In-video, you can streamline your video creation process and generate income through your YouTube channel. However, it’s important to continuously adapt to evolving AI technologies and remain mindful of potential changes in the content and accuracy of the information provided. With dedication, creativity, and the right AI tools, you can build a successful YouTube channel that generates income and opens doors to new opportunities.

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